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Choose The Best Forex Software: How To Choose Good Forex software/ Trustworthy and reliable Forex Brokers

In forex trading choosing the right forex  trading software is highly essential and recommended. There are a lot of forex trading businesses out there that are all contending for your subscription.This makes selecting the right forex software a great task full of hassles.. The majority of the forex trading software accessible offer online forex trading platforms. These are good but you also need to know other aspects of trades that are essential when considering forex software. Some of this may not be available through the online platform.

The basics  and essentials for obtaining the correct and right Forex Software

There are few necessary items you must bear in mind before you buy any forex trading software. The most essential thing is security. The software you should buy must include a 128 bit SSL encryption which will put off hackers from having right of entry and sifting any of your personal details and information like an account balances, business history, and so on.

Adequately securing your forex trading also entails a company that offers 24 hours technological server maintenance for your forex software, in case something goes wrong. It must also provide backups of every piece of information on a daily basis, and be a precautionary system that has been calculated to put off any illegal right of entry. In addition to being able to provide the aforesaid securities, a few forex trading companies make use of smart cards and fingerprint scanners to make sure that only their staffs can have right of entry into their servers.

One more essential factor to consider when selecting a forex software is to verify what the business’ trading downtime looks like. You must also ensure that the trading software you choose is trustworthy and that it is functional 24 hours in a day and that it has technological support 24 hours in a day. Making sure that the forex trading software you purchase is able to provide the above listed criteria will ensure your success at forex trading. The forex trading software is compulsory for any trader who intends to make money with the trading.

If you are planning to trade forex which is the largest financial market globally, having a forex broker is a must. Unlike a stock broker, a forex broker is capable of also making propositions about which action to take when doing forex trading. Some forex brokers will go as far as offering you technical analysis and suggest tips on investigations to advance their accomplishment as forex traders.

Characteristically in forex trading, a forex broker is a banking organization who may possibly purchase huge amounts of a particular currency. For many years, banks were the only group who could access the forex markets but nowadays with the invention of the Internet, any individual forex trader, who registers with a forex broker, can gain entrance into the market 24 hours a day. Nowadays, just like stock brokers, the brick and mortar organizations, like the banks, are not as much alternative for the singular forex traders who work at the comfort of their own home, observing the news and learning some definite practical information  that will help him or her to take decisions during trading.

Selecting a forex broker may depend on the need of the trader. If you are a fresh forex trader, there are many forex brokers online who will offer you the opportunity of trading with demo account, while some forex brokers deal with more experienced traders. They can also give their suggestions and advices but may not be able to offer you instructional assistance with the information, presumptuous that you may previously know the way it will be of importance or not when you go through it. The best thing to do is to read through information from many brokers, trying different demo account before you eventually choose one.

When looking for a broker, the following points will be of a great help:


Due to the fact that forex trading is different from futures and stocks which are bought or sold through a central exchange, the spread can be diverse depending on the forex broker you use. That is why it is essential to try a few before you finally choose one. The majority of forex brokers make known live or deferred prices on their websites, you can therefore make comparison of many spreads and see one that best suit you before you select one.


Most forex brokers will show their prices on their website but when it comes to actual trading, they will fail to implement it. A demo account will help you to find out if a broker will actually honor the prices that they publish on their website.

A trustworthy platform will show you on their site the exact prices you can trade on in real life not just analytical quotes. It will as well offer you Limit and Stop orders, and will perfectly allow you to connect these to your entrance order.

Forex trading takes place round the clock so any forex software you plan to use must offer you a 24 hour market, and your broker must also be available to offer 24 hour support. You can certify from the broker if you are able to close your trade positions on the phone in situations when you have an internet connection problem.

Selecting a good and trustworthy forex broker is easy but make sure you take care not to be hasty about it. Investigate few and trade with a demo account before you finally make up your mind.

FXPrimus Review

FXPrimus brokerage was founded in 2009 in Ebene Mauritius. Their website can be assessed in English but their metatrader4 is accessible in 28 different languages. The development of the internet world in the recent years led to many businesses doing their business online. Many forex brokerages likewise have taken advantage of the internet upsurge to make their services available to traders all over the world. FXPrimus is one of those brokerages that have joined the internet race and is actually doing great in the market.

FXPRIMUS.com was founded by retail traders but it is being administered and managed by a team. Terry Thompson is the president of this brokerage company. FXPRIMUS.com has  its offices in over 200 countries globally. The FXPrimus broker is among the first forex brokers that have an ISO 27001 certification. They are regulated by FSC Mauritius.

FX Primus Ltd Head office is located in Mauritius with the address below:

Ebène House,
3rd Floor, 33 Cybercity,
Ebène, Mauritius

Phone: +44 20 3318 0459
Email: support@fxprimus.com
They as well have offices in other places such as

Mongolia Office


Rokmon Building, 10th Floor, 
Office #1006, Undsen Khuuliin Street
24, 2 Khoroo, Bayangol District,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Phone: +976 7010 5075
Email: support@fxprimus.com

Nigeria Office 
FXPRIMUS Nigeria Limited

Plot 15, Block 113, lekki Penisula
Scheme 1 Lekki, Lagos Island

Phone: +234 808 989 2338
Email: nigeria@fxprimus.com

Peru Office

Manuel Olgiun 215 of. 704,
Surco, Lima 33, Peru

Phone: +51 (1) 700 7995
Email: supporte@fxprimus.com
The FXPrimus brokerage has received several awards including two awards that were given to it this year, 2013. The global Banking and Finance Review this year awarded FXPrimus as the best broker in Asia and Best Trade Execution in Asia, 2013. See the screen shot of the award medal below:

FXPRIMUS works hard to join the league of leading Forex brokers on the internet. They have their website redesigned and re-organized to ensure they meet up with this goal. Nevertheless the designed alone is not compelling enough to make expert traders to try the FXPrimus platform but the security is much more important. At FXPrimus all funds deposited by customers are managed by a third part. With this in place, FXPrimus guarantees its loyal customers of the security of their funds at all times.

FXPRIMUS.com is conscious of the fact that all traders are unequal in terms of their skills in the trading and has incorporated this in their platform to accommodate all traders both novice traders and advanced traders. Traders on logging in into the platform are required to state whether they are new traders or experienced traders. If you are a new trader the platform will re-direct you to where you get more forex education but for expert traders the platform will direct them to where they will access all the tools they need to execute trade successfully.

FXPRIMUS.com provides their customers with various trading options. They can decide to opt for the trendy, trustworthy and well-known Meta Trader 4 forex platform or the much simplified web based trading platform. They also provide an alternative of mobile trading through their mobile platform.
Their platforms are
·        MetaTrader4
·        FXPRIMUS WebTrader
·        iPhone
·        iPad
·        Android
The MetaTrader4 platform is ideal for traders with any level of experience. It is trendy for its easy to use interface, sophisticated charting features, technical analysis tools and automatic forex trading abilities. FXPrimus MetaTrader 4 platform gives room for clients to open multiple accounts on the following base currencies- USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and SGD s well as permits support trading in over 30 different languages.
It also automatically allows you to trade in a number of extra currency pairs. With the platform, the traders are as well able to make a switch between the broker’s 83 tradable assets including currency pairs, stocks and commodities.

FXPRIMUS.com just like many forex brokers provides its first time customers the opportunity to try their system through the demo account. The demo account allows to customers the opportunity of trading up to $50,000 virtual money. The customers after the trial period can decide to open or not open an account with them. When they decide to open an account they can open an account with as little as $250. They also offer customers 3 types of spreads: ECN, variable spreads and fixed spreads. Traders have the choice of choosing the one that suits them.  FXPrimus’ live Trading accounts are divided into

·        Individual Account
·        Joint Account
·        Corporate Account

·        Traders can trade on
·        Forex
·        Future
·        Indices
·        Equities
·        Other CFD transactions

Signing up with FXPRIMUS is completely standard. FXPrimus allows traders to deposit funds through a lot of channels such as Moneybookers, wire transfer and credit card. All these methods of depositing money are entirely hassle-free. Also, the traders’ account can be funded in any of the following currencies- USD, EUR, GBP, and SGD depending on the type of account they are funding. Again, funds withdrawal is as hassle-free as it is to deposit funds. It takes about 24 hours for you to withdraw your funds.

Customer Service

FXPrimus not only promise to provide reliable and excellent customer services to their clients but they actually fulfill that promise. Email inquiries at FXPrimus take about 5 minutes to receive a response from their customer care representatives which is great. They also offer life chats and telephone inquiries to those who prefer those methods.

The customer services can be accessed in English language and 3 other languages- Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. If ever you are in need of their technical support, you have the option to contact by live chat, email or by phone. They give the same attention to new and experienced traders.

Overall Rating

The average rating of this broker is 4.8 out of 5 stars. See screen shot below:

They offer excellent customer support

·        They are as well a STP broker. What this means is that your trade is swiftly processed and you are not trading against your broker but that you are getting a fair trade.
·        They are among the few online brokers that are certified by ISO
·        They offer varieties of the least available spre4ads as well as allow you to choose the spread type of your choice- Fixed, Variable or ECN Premium spreads.
·        They have no restrictions on hedging
·        They provide trading opportunities for other assets apart from forex
·        Their MetaTrader4 is highly reliable.
·        They provide well-organized 24 hours Customer Support.
·        They provide free real-time market news.

·        Ethical and professional broker


·        At times, People’s freezing of ECN MT4 Platform occurs and would not resume work in about 5-8 minutes but occasionally.
·        They don’t accept US Clients
·        They don’t yet support Paypal as a means of payment.


Just like we said above FXPRIMUS.com was set up by retail traders which makes it easy for them to understand the needs of their fellow traders. They endeavor to provide all its customers with an effective trading tools like a trading platform which is stable, low spreads and top notch customer service. It is difficult to find a forex brokerage in the market which can outperform the excellent quality of services provided by FXPrimus. They are already a brokerage with a global base. They are highly sensible to the trading needs of their customers both financially and emotionally. They make trading exceptionally pleasant for all traders especially those that use the metaTrader4 trading platform.

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